Each investor will be issued a T5 with the distributions taxed as interest income. Investments within a registered account grow tax-free until the money is withdrawn.
MCF receives the interest differential between the borrower's rate and the investor's rate.
Clients have an option at any time to request a redemption of any portion or all of their investment. The maximum time to return the funds would be 180 days, however generally it is considerably faster.
Yes, it is an excellent option to continue to increase your investment returns even further.
Units have a par value of $1 which does not change. i.e. An investment of $50,000 = 50,000 units.
Statements are sent to clients quarterly along with our quarterly update newsletter.
Interest is paid quarterly in the 1st week of the quarter.
Yes, we work with custodial agents to allow investor's money to be invested within mortgage investments in all of the above registered accounts.
It is determined on a client by client basis, please contact us to discuss your individual needs.
Yes, full audited financial statements are available annually as requested.
We are proud of our 40 year track record and our strong client/investor relationships as well as our great reputation within our community. We work with most of the large banks as well as several local legal and accounting firms.